Soft Scrub Cleaning Cream

I love making my own cleaning products, and this soft scrub cleaning cream is about as easy as it gets.

I knocked this together the other day so I had another option when the shower needs a deep scrub. I normally just use a stronger mix of the doTERRA On Guard cleaning concentrate as a spray and this works so increibly well to freshen, clean and keep any mould at bay.

But from time to time, I like to really scrub those tiles back to get them squeaky clean so I went on the hunt for a recipe that was going to help me with that.

And luckily for me, the first one I tried worked so incredibly well so it is now a regular in my cleaning arsenal.


DIY Cleaning scrub for shower

For me, green cleaning is so much more than just being good for our environment. I became hyper-aware of all the chemicals in my home when I had my son Dylan. Instantly I started really noticing how many “everyday products” were incredibly harmful to him. Many had extreme warnings on the back regarding ingestion and this really terrified me as he was the kind of baby (and now toddler) who has to put everything in his mouth.

Once I started doing my own research, I realised that not only was the possible ingestion a hazard to him but just using the products was not only harmful to his sensitive body but also my pets and myself too. I had no idea that the chemicals in daily cleaning products could have an adverse reaction to my health.

It really quickly became clear to me, that the poor daily health of my generation could be linked to the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. What makes this really scary to me is that for most people, they remain unaware of this.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you do please feel free to share with your friends and family.

I only use doTERRA Essential Oils in any of my recipes and everyday life as I am confident about the quality of every drop of oil to be the purest available (and for me, that is important when using in my home).

If you would like to buy some essential oils like these, please click over to my this page here for information on how best to do that.

Soft Scrub Cleaning Cream
    1. In bowl, combine baking soda and castile soap.
    2. Add water and stir.
    3. Add vinegar and essential oil. The consistency should be a soft paste.
    4. Store in airtight container.
    Recipe Notes


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