doTERRA Home Essentials Kit


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Our beautiful Home Essentials Kit is exactly as the name intends. It is the perfect way to start your essential oil journey as it contains all the oils you need to get started. It covers aches and pains, immune support, relaxation and calming, stress and anxious feelings as well as lovely oils to support babies and kids.

This kit is a best seller.

This kit includes:

– 1 x 15ml Frankincense (250 drops)
– 1 x 15ml Lavender (250 drops)
– 1 x 15ml Lemon (250 drops)
– 1 x 15ml Tea Tree (250 drops)
– 1 x 15ml Oregano (250 drops)
– 1 x 15ml Peppermint (250 drops)
– 1 x 15ml Easy Air – Respiratory Blend (250 drops)
– 1 x 15ml Digestzen – Digestive Blend (250 drops)
– 1 x 15ml Onguard – Protective Blend (259 drops)
– 1 x 5ml Ice Blue – Soothing Blend (85 drops)

It also includes the very popular.

  • Petal Diffuser – this includes 3 timer settings and auto switch off when the water runs out

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