Buy doTERRA Essential Oils

When I decided to buy doTERRA Essential Oils, I had no idea what I could use Essential Oils for at first. (Seriously zero clue!)

I was so green to the wide range of benefits it could bring to my family, and at the time I had no idea how life changing that purple box was going to be.

But after buying my starter kit, I was supported to learn how to make the most out of them and soon I was up and running! After all, we all have to start somewhere.

I regularly share content on my blog for you to read through, and help support your own & your family’s health and wellbeing naturally using certified, pure, therapeutic grade DoTERRA essential oils.

If you are ready to dive in and choose your starter kit – click here for the Australian Residents Shop)

For people outside of Australia – please use the link below for my International + Custom online shop.

I use essential oils for:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Cleaning
  • Perfume & Beauty
  • Respiratory (snoring!)
  • Emotional alignment
  • Health support
  • Baby / kids health


It’s not about making huge life changes- it’s the simple, little things.

Once I order, where can I research while I wait for my purple box?

Once your kit’s 0n the way, wait for your first email where I’ll cover off the basics for you and send you some trusted resources to start exploring!

Supporting you to learn how to use your oils is MY passion. This is why I have put all the systems in place to ensure that you are going to get all the support you need to feel EMPOWERED to use your oils. Emails, Facebook support groups, Personal Access to me….. you will have it all!

Why doTERRA Essential Oils?

They’re certified, therapeutic pure grade quality oils. They’re the largest direct selling essential oils company in the world, and their oils are co-impact sourced.  This means they support local farmers in a sustainable way, with ethical business practises and dealings.

Ok - I'm ready to shop the kits

You can buy Retail, right here on my website!

Of course, if you just want to try an oil out and see if it’s for you – by all means go ahead and buy that in my online shop. I have all the oils available via the shop on t his website (for Australian Residents)

or if you are international, please click here for the international shop and click SHOP for your local products.

For 25% off ALL your oils, without any requirements to re-order every month, simply open a wholesale account by clicking Join & Save instead of Shop.

And don’t forget your wholesale account is free when you buy a kit! Otherwise, there’s a small membership fee which gives you 12 months access to wholesale pricing.

Not sure if you can access these Essential oils?

You can join & receive your oils packed securely in their purple box almost anywhere in the world! And I support members anywhere in the world via our Facebook Community and video chats (this really does feel like we are in the same room!)

Why I’m A Wholesale Member
and You Should Be, Too!

  • Wholesale prices for 12 months
  • Access to products and promotions you wouldn’t otherwise get access to
  • The option to earn points which = free product.
  • Inspiration to remove toxins from your house and replace with doTERRA’s beautiful products
  • You can earn an income as my team grows, even if you don’t want to build a business
  • Pay the least per bottle for the essential oils you use & love!

Check out the full range of Australian Enrolment Kits

Option 1: Pick the kit you want (wholesale membership is included for free)


Option 2: Choose the $35 wholesale customer membership and type in the products you want to order to add them to your cart.


What’s the most popular kit?

Honestly, there are 2 that my customers love the most. The Home Essentials Kit for $330 plus delivery or the Natures Solution Kit for $635 plus delivery.

Both of these represent value and are the biggest sellers (Natures Solution is actually my favourite)

Recently I ran a poll in my Facebook group asking people which kit they would buy if they got to join up all over again. Every person chose a bigger kit than the one they started with because they didn’t understand the value when they were starting (nor the power and love they would have for the oils)

Why is it so popular?

You get the top 10 oils to start taking care of yourself and your family now using essential oils. It is a wonderful way to start out and there are so many blends I will share with you that you can use just these oils for. Plus you get a diffuser (believe me – you want a diffuser) and this one is great quality. This is not one of those packages where half the items are “filler” items. I show you how to use every single oil in this kit. You will use them all.

How do I build a business with you?

Whether you have an existing business you’d like to add products to, treat your wholesale membership account as an ‘affiliate’ account and share the link on social media, or go full steam ahead in creating your dream business.. start with one of our bigger business kits to be credited with instant points & a larger order point percentage back with every order. See the full range of kits on the link above and if you need any help choosing – please reach out to me so I can guide you to the ones with the bonus extras.


Click here to get your starter kit

Can I just buy a few oils?

Yes! Just choose your oils from the price list below and add up the price. You are welcome to buy at retail but once you buy 2 or 3 oils, the discount you get by enjoying the wholesale pricing pays for the $35 membership so I always encourage my customers to choose this option as it is WAY better value! (even if you only want one oil now. Trust me when I say – you will want more!

View the Australian Product Price List

To order retail, click on my shop link above and choose “shop”. If you agree with me and decide that wholesale is way better value – click  “Join & Save” instead, add your oils and Wholesale Packet into your cart and enjoy 25% off retail pricing for 12 months.


Great! How do I order?

If you are ready to buy a starter kit and live in Australia – you can buy doTERRA right here on my wesbite. Click here to choose and pay for your doTERRA starter kit

Or if you would like to buy individual oils are not living in Australia – you can buy via my Custom Online Shop

(If you would like to watch a step by step video – click here)


Click here and follow the instructions below 

  • Click Join & Save
  • Choose your country from the Menu
  • Select ‘Wholesale Customer’
  • Enter your details and always check that my name and member id is the enroller ID section – 3891778 – Renee Kingman (this is super important way it ensures you end up in my team and get my support!)
  • Add your items to the cart
  • Check out, and wait for your purple box!
  • Send me an email to let me know that you just signed up – this way I can keep an eye out in my back office for you to join my oily tree of members. (In some instances there is some issues with this which is why I ask that you let me know you just joined my team in case I need to contact doTERRA to fix it for us! Email me here )

how to order doterra online

Wait! What if I I have a question first?

Feel free to head over to my intake form and I will then get in touch with you to finalise your membership and do it all for you. I put this together for people who find technology just a bit “challenging!” Click Here to access it

Just head to the ‘Contact Me’ page above and I’ll give you a call or send a message!

I look forward to sharing my content, ideas, inspiration and essential oils lifestyle with you.