Essential Oils for Babies and Kids


Essential Oil Beginners Guide for Mums

Most mothers are looking for something that will be both be incredibly effective and safe to use on their children. Essential oils for babies and kids are just that.

I was incredibly lucky that I was introduced to oils when my baby was just 3 months old. I found it answered questions I didn’t even know I had yet.

Questions such as:

  • are cleaning products really safe?
  • what can I use safely on my baby to promote relaxation or something for sore belly
  • what can I use to support me with more energy and stress relief while I am breastfeeding


Nothing is better for our kids than the gift that mother nature gives us in the form of essential oils. Essential Oils are AMAZING and powerful. There are many available so I have put together this beginner guide to help busy mum’s get started with essential oils. (You can download it here.)

What are Essential Oils?

They are the natural extracts from plants.  Essentially, what we are looking for is the part of the plant that produces the highest therapeutic compounds. This is what the plant uses to protect itself, it’s own natural defence mechanism. This is extracted so it can be used on us.

How to use Essential Oils safely on babies and kids?

Essential oils for babies and kids can be used very safely both aromatically and topically. When using the oils aromatically, this may mean in a diffuser such as these or applying a little to mama’s chest so the baby can breathe it in.

When apply oils topically we ALWAYS dilute. Essential oils are very powerful, and therefore our little people only need a little bit. A baby for example only needs 1 drop in 10ml of carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Popular ways to use essential oils?

Essential oils can be used to alleviate many common ailments. Things like head tension, muscle tension, emotional support for stress and anxious feelings and much, much more.

Toxic Free Cleaning

Lots of mum’s look to doTERRA Essential Oils as a way to reduce the toxic chemicals in their homes to make it safer for their babies, kids, and pets. It is incredibly easy to make these products in your home.

Here are some of my favourite recipes:

Soft Scrub Cream Cleaner

Liquid Handwash

Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Emotional Support

I know lots of mothers who initially investigate essential oils for their kids, and then they discover how much support essential oils can be to themselves. Through extra energy, better focus and less brain fog to emotional support through stress and anxious feelings. It is incredibly easy to incorporate these products into your life. Many of my mums will say – “why did I wait so long to get involved in these”.

They really are “made for mums”

Would you like to know more?

I put together a pdf guide for mums, specifically so you can learn how to use essential oils for babies and kids. It is free and you just need to click here to access it.

P.S – You’re Welcome!

Essential Oils for Babies and Kids




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