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Building doterra business tips

I have been building my doTERRA business for just over 2 years, and during that time I have learned so very much about what works and what doesn’t.

I now wish that I had all of this advice at the beginning so that I could let go of anything that wasn’t serving me well and focus on what is the most successful parts of my business.

Here is what I have found the most valuable lessons and they apply to anyone who wants to get started with a doTERRA business  or is already building their business.

  1. Don’t wait to get started – This is something I didn’t do so I can confidently say that you don’t need to wait. I dived into my doTERRA business within 2 weeks of receiving my oils and I had zero essential oil experience before. I had very strong support from my upline team so I know I didn’t need to know everything as I had them on standby. It taught me to learn quickly and also show other people how to find the information for themselves (which is what we are aiming to do). If you think you need to wait to learn your oils – the reality is that this is just something that is holding you back. You don’t need to wait – have the confidence to go for it. 
  2. Don’t reinvent the wheel – I see so many people do this, and in fact, I too have also tried to do it too and it just doesn’t work. There are paths to success that are provided to us through our team education and doTERRA so we need to focus on the experience of those who knows what works in order to be successful. So what is it that doesn’t work?:
    • Focusing your time on making oil related products to sell such as bath products, bags etc. Your income will increase with the more people you share oils with. Focus on that – let your customers make the products.
    • Themed classes – While these can be fun and a great way to educate your current customers which is good, if you focus on these to attract new customers you will find it quite difficult. Stick to Introduction to Essential Oil classes.
    • Putting a post on your Facebook page and thinking all your friends will flock to you. This is a network business, you need to network more than just a solo facebook post if you want to find customers. \
  3. Momentum is Key – Your doTERRA business is seasonal. I find my doTERRA business will go through periods of very busy times followed with moments that are very quiet. This is much like any business and if you try and manage those times where you are in a slow period with income producing activities, you will be back to a period of momentum very quickly. Run with momentum when you have it and don’t slack off! This is what you work for and your business will reward you with results
  4. You don’t need builders to be successful. In the beginning, you often hear – go find 3 builders. People who want to build the business with you. The fact is, this is quite daunting as you may not yet have the confidence to talk business with people. I think if you focus on getting customers, this will develop naturally. You can very easily build to silver rank and beyond without builders, it is harder but it can most certainly be done (I did it myself). Take the pressure off and focus on sharing oils with new people, finding customers and increasing your knowledge of oils. Mention the business opportunity when you teach and you will find that people will start to step up without it feeling pushy or icky.
  5. Always carry samples – The minute you don’t have an oil sample on you is the moment you find someone who could very well be your next favourite customer! Always keep oils on you to shower people with oil love during the day.
  6. Always take their number – I have business cards, and I hand these out. I can tell you I have NEVER had someone contact me from them. Always take the other person’s details and you follow them up.
  7. Book classes and book often – Reach out to friends, family to begin with. Over time you will have customers that are buying regularly and you can reach out to them for support to run a class for you. If you are having trouble booking classes in, you need to sit down and work out what it is holding you back. Often it could be you and your mindset. Write out what it is you want from your customers so you can manifest that in your life. Read over your list every day, and put on your big girl pants and reach out to people. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no? Other ways you can expand your network:
    • Go through your phone and look at your contacts
    • Go through your Facebook friends list and contact people you haven’t before
    • Meet new people – join a playgroup, yoga class, or just even go to the park with your kids. Be open to starting a conversation with a stranger – you don’t need to talk oils to begin with but you will find there is always an opportunity to bring them up because everyone needs oils in their life to start with right!!
    • Run a public class – these can be scary as you never know if anyone will show up – I can promise you that nothing bad will happen if you have a no-show class and over time you will be proud of yourself for putting yourself out there. And every new person you attract could be a future builder and a whole new network you are exposed to. Here are my tips for running a public class:
      • If possible find a venue that is either cheap or free. Some coffee shops such as Dome have meeting spaces you can use.
      • Invite friends that are interested but don’t want to host a class – tell them to bring a friend.
      • Share your event often on community pages in the area.
      • Put up flyers on noticeboards
  8. Be open to pushing yourself. We all have our own blocks and if you want to successfully build a business for yourself (no matter the industry). You need to learn to do things you have never done before and step through anything that may seem hard. For some people, the thought of teaching an essential oil class brings on anxiety. There are so many ways you can push through this by using your oils and doing personal development such as EFT Tapping. The sense of accomplishment as you master this will give you so much confidence. It is worth doing. 
  9. Let people know you are doing this as a business. Sometimes people are afraid to shout from the rooftops that they are starting an essential oil business, especially if you have not had any experience in natural health. Don’t be afraid of sharing this. Get it out there – loud and proud. What you are doing is creating an amazing future for yourself and family and this is something you should let other people know about so they understand you are their oil go-to person. The faster you be proud of what you are doing, the more people will reach out to you.
  10. Make a plan – Set a goal, and then sit with your upline mentor to work out what it will take to you achieve YOUR goal and what steps you need to take this. This gives you guidance on how much work you need to put in to achieve your goal. I find this incredibly helpful to keep me on track and also let me know when I need to push myself harder. 

If you have yet to get started with a doTERRA Wholesale Account and are interested in building a doTERRA business, it’s incredibly important that you choose a mentor that will support you through your journey. You will be connected to this person forever and they will be who you lean on for support and guidance.

From my experience, the people who are part of a team they connect with really do seem to thrive and progress quickly. I love helping and supporting my team, so please reach out to me via email if you would like me to be your Oil Mentor / Partner.

Or check out my page here where I chat more about how I support my team of doTERRA business babes.



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