Boost Toddlers Immune System

toddler immune system

If you are anything like me, you have been googling “how to boost toddlers immune system” !! This happened a lot during my little guys first few years of life.

If you are ask friends and family, they often tell you it’s a right of passage. That your child will grow out of it and it’s completely normal. There is nothing you can do….  but I am here to tell you there most definitely is something you can do.

What I found out when I went through this journey myself, is that some kids are more prone to illness but if you are actively consistent in doing the some key small things for your child, their bodies will respond by fighting any day to day illnesses better and  actually learn to heal themselves.

For me, it’s a family curse that all the boys are susceptible to tonsillitis. That meant, that as soon as my son got a sniffle from daycare it quickly escalated to tonsillitis and then antibiotics. His immune system was not strong enough to fight it. After months of yo-yoing on and off antibiotics, I decided enough was enough and created a protocol that we had very quick results from,

The trick is – to put a routine in place that you use daily. This is what truly strengthens your toddlers immune system.

Here are my top ways to do that:

1. Food is fuel

My son is a picky picky eater and I am always worried he is not getting the right amount of nutrition.. So the first thing I did was include a great children’s vitamin into his diet. The vitamin we chose was the A2Z Chewable Vitamin by doTERRA . It is flavoured to help kids actually enjoy it and my son thinks these are treats. In fact I do use these as “incentives” as he loves them so much.

childrens vitamin probitotic

2.  Probiotic for gut health

70% of our immune system originates from our gut, therefore gut health is so important to remaining healthy. Incorporating a Child’s Probiotic into their diet is really worth while. My son was on a probiotic from birth and we used the Bioceuticals Baby Biotic which can be added to their bottle of milk. Once he was older, we switched to the PB Assist Junior which comes like a sherbet stick and is very tasty to kids of all ages . You can add to yogurt or pour straight into their mouth.

3. Sleep

If you have a child who is a troubled sleeper, it is really worth visiting this to see how you can help them get the right amount of sleep for their age.. A lack of sleep can have a massive impact on immune systems. If your child has trouble winding down or not sleeping for long, we have found essential oils incredibly useful in our house. Oils such as Lavender, Lavender Peace / Serenity & Vetiver have been incredibly beneficial. You can dilute and apply to the soles of their feet or put a drop or 2 in a diffuser when you pop them into bed.

4. Immune Support

We have been using essential oils in our house since my son was 3 months old. I knew as soon as I started using them how incredibly effective they were, but it wasn’t until I was facing my own toddlers immune system challenges that I really leveraged them further to help me us overcome what felt like a weekly battle.

I started using 2 oils on him immediately. These were Frankincense and On Guard. I used them in roller bottles which included a small amount of oil diluted to the correct ratio for his age. It’s surprising how little their bodies need for them to be effective.

I rolled On Guard on his feet and down his spine at least twice a day, and doTERRA Frankincense to the back of his neck.

natural boost kids immune system

I chose these oils as they have such good properties for antiviral, antiseptic and cellular repair.

Not long after starting this protocol, my son came home with a runny nose from daycare. Normally we would be at the doctors within days and getting a dose of antibiotics. This time – his body system kicked in and he got over it all on his own. That was such a massive win and validation that i was doing everything perfectly right! It is incredibly empowering to know as a mother, that you have exactly what you need to help your children and I love that my essential oils give me that feeling of power.

Since then, he has not been on antibiotics for more than a year for his immune system 🙌

Our goal is to get our little peoples bodies to the point they can heal themselves. That is what they are supposed to do!

If you are ready to take the plunge and start incorporating some of these products into your child’s routine, feel free to click over and buy from my site. Not only will you get these beautiful oils in your home so you can have a natural medicine box to lean onto, but you will also get my ongoing support and education on how to use them (this is invaluable as you learn and become empowered). My goal is to help you become the natural care giver in your home.

essential oils for mums

The 2 kits I recommend the most to boost toddlers immune systems are the Home Essentials Kit or the Natures Solution Kit. Not only will you have the tools available to support their immune systems but you also have everything you need for the entire family for whatever ailment they are facing.

Or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask by contacting me here.

Renee x


If you are in the US you cannot buy using the links above so please use these ones instead – US Home Essentials Kit and US Natures Solution Kit.


P.P.S – If you want to know more – click over to my download my beginner guide for mums here

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