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Hi, my name is Renee Kingman and am so happy you have found me here.

I am a local girl from Perth who loves to food, family, socialising and essential oils! Essential Oils are a serious passion of mine, and it is something that has changed my entire life. It has changed how we approach health in our home, how we manage our emotions and moods (bye bye grumpy man syndrome!!) and has been incredibly impressive when any one of us have managed to pick up a bug.

As someone who was far from an essential oil user in my “previous life”, I found myself so impressed with how easy they were to use and just how damn effective. So much so, it took me no time to realise I need to tell more people about them.

We use essential oils every single day in our house and we love how our “medicine box” is always available when we need to lean on something for support.


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I now get to spend my time educating people on essential oils – how they work, why they work and how to use them in the home. As a mum, I have become empowered to look after the health of my family and it has really taught me to be so much more self aware on what is going on in my body. I have a real passion for teaching others how to do this too, and it makes me so happy to hear about my customers successes. Some of the ways people easily introuce oils into their world are for sleep, stress and emotional support, immune support and all things kids and babies!

There is literally an oil for everything and it is really exciting to see people start to fulfil their potential and see the benefits in their body by living a healthier life.

One of my biggest strengths is creative problem solving. I now get to use this skill in a whole new way because of doTERRA and it fits perfectly. That creative problem solving means my customers (and the women I support in building their own doTERRA business) get a unique support and guidance to assist in finding exactly the right combination or product that is going to support their health goals.


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